Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Feng Shui Kitchen 4: Direction

Direction of your kitchen

Kitchen is the one of the most important room in the house. Even though people in competitive age today do not cook as much as before every house still have kitchen as one of the main room. Therefore, we cannot overlook this room and have to consider Feng Shui Kitchen for your good and successful life.

There are two main factors that you should consider for good Feng Shui Kitchen: Direction and oven.

The best directions for kitchen are the South and the East, which are related to direction of light and wind. So, place the kitchen windows to those directions, if possible.

Oven is the main item in the kitchen. The Chinese even believes that there’s a God of Oven to protect people in the house. They will always treat oven respectfully. For example, no cloth hanging over the oven, never place oven near the toilet or bathroom etc. Think about all these factors before you choose the place to put your oven.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Feng Shui Kitchen 3: Room Position

Kitchen at the front?

-- If the kitchen is located at the front of the hosue it implies that the owner of the house pay so much attention of eating activities. People in this house tend to be overweight and lack of motivation. Imagine, you smell some food immedietly after entering the house, You will feel hungry and, most of the time, you will have to stop by eating something.

Also, putting kitchen at the front of your house is not a good Feng Shui Kitchen because if you have a messy kitchen or you just finish cooking something you would not want your guests to see your kitchen. Unfortunately, it is difficult to hide because it is located at the front.

Therefore, your hosue, or you, might be perceived as a messy house or even messy person.

Just do not put kitchen at the front of your house. It is not a good Feng Shui Kitchen at all.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Feng Shui Kitchen 2

Worship the God of Oven for Good Feng Shui Kitchen

Never dry your cloth in the kitchen
-- Chinese believes that there's a "God of Oven" to protect your ktichen area. Drying your cloth in the kitchen means you insult the "God of Oven." So, don't do it.

Kitchen floor should always be clear
-- Do not put any items on the kitchen floor: It could be more dangerous than any other rooms in your house. It's not only about Feng Shui Kitchen or the energy flow, it's also a simple house safety rules.

Kitchen under ladders is not a good "Feng Shui Kitchen"
-- Some small house has to use space under the ladders to be cooking area. This is not a good Feng Shui Kitchen at all. People who use the kitchen may have accident easily.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Feng Shui Kitchen: Tips for good Feng Shui Kitchen

Feng Shui Kitchen

Feng Shui Kitchen : Do and Don't for your Good Life

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Kitchen can be the most difficult room to have a good Feng Shui Kitchen. It is controlled by various activities inside from cooking to eating, from washing to relaxing. There are many more to think about if you want to have a good feng shui kitchen. Think about the color, where to put stove or oven? What should be the overall design and many more. We should consider all aspect because it directly impact the balance of energy in the house.

Feng Shui Kitchen : Do

  • Always balance your kitchen with the five elements principles which are fire, wood, water, metal and earth. For example, oven and stove represent fire element and they should not be too close to fridge or taps which represent water element.

  • More examples of balancing, if you have too little wood element you can put some plants on the window area.

  • For the design, Cooking, washing and fridge should be in triangle formation.

  • Cooking area should be as clean and neat as possible.

  • Keep good ventilation and space in the kitchen.

Feng Sui Kitchen : Don't

  • Do not let one element fully dominate the kitchen. For example, too many electirical equipment in the kitchen.

  • Windows and doors should not be positioned in direct line.

  • Do not position the kitchen to turn your back to the door while cooking.

  • If you have to turn the back to the door placing shiny objects to reflect energy will help.

  • Do not have sharp edge point to the eating area. If so round them off.