Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Feng Shui Kitchen 4: Direction

Direction of your kitchen

Kitchen is the one of the most important room in the house. Even though people in competitive age today do not cook as much as before every house still have kitchen as one of the main room. Therefore, we cannot overlook this room and have to consider Feng Shui Kitchen for your good and successful life.

There are two main factors that you should consider for good Feng Shui Kitchen: Direction and oven.

The best directions for kitchen are the South and the East, which are related to direction of light and wind. So, place the kitchen windows to those directions, if possible.

Oven is the main item in the kitchen. The Chinese even believes that there’s a God of Oven to protect people in the house. They will always treat oven respectfully. For example, no cloth hanging over the oven, never place oven near the toilet or bathroom etc. Think about all these factors before you choose the place to put your oven.


Lee Cheng Hoe said...

Agreed. Kitchen is very important as it governs the food that you cook for the family. It is particularly vital for the housewife if she is the one who does the cooking for the family.

Leo said...

Thanks for a good comment on my blog