Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Feng Shui Kitchen 2

Worship the God of Oven for Good Feng Shui Kitchen

Never dry your cloth in the kitchen
-- Chinese believes that there's a "God of Oven" to protect your ktichen area. Drying your cloth in the kitchen means you insult the "God of Oven." So, don't do it.

Kitchen floor should always be clear
-- Do not put any items on the kitchen floor: It could be more dangerous than any other rooms in your house. It's not only about Feng Shui Kitchen or the energy flow, it's also a simple house safety rules.

Kitchen under ladders is not a good "Feng Shui Kitchen"
-- Some small house has to use space under the ladders to be cooking area. This is not a good Feng Shui Kitchen at all. People who use the kitchen may have accident easily.

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